"The perfect mix of the righteous and the ratched."
                                                                                 - Dr. Shirletta Kinchen, University of Louisville 

The Ricky Jones Show on 93.1 The Beat is one of the world's most intriguing listening experiences. Join Jones and his producer, 12 Mr.FTC, as they board "The Mothership" every week for cutting edge social, political, and entertainment analysis from some of the best minds in America. Besides that, they drop music that will rock the worlds of Earthlings and aliens alike.

Climb onboard

Episode 1, Stardate 8.28.16: "FIRST FLIGHT" 
Jones and "12" take the Mothership out on it's first flight. They drop out of orbit to visit Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California picking up Past KY Poet Laureate and University of Kentucky Professor Frank X. Walker and UC-Irvine Professor Jessica "J. Mil the Millionairess" Millward. Among other things, they rap about White Lives Matter protests in Houston and the different levels of craziness of Donald Trump, Matt Bevin, Usain Bolt, Chris Rock, and RG III. They take the "Long Walk" with X and then find out what's up with Leslie Jones and Nate Parker with "The Millionairess."

Featured Musical Artists: Slick Rick, Jill Scott, and Rhianna                                           LISTEN TO EPISODE 1

Episode 2, Stardate 9.4.16: "POWER" 
Jones riffs on Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem.  Afterwards, he and "12" bring Drs. Brandon McCormack, Kaila Story and Jessica "J. Mil the Millionairess" Millward aboard the Mothership for an in-depth discussion about the characters and themes around the hit Starz television show Power. If you follow Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, Kanan, and the rest, this is a can't miss ride.

Featured Musical Artists: Parliament and 50 Cent                                                            LISTEN TO EPISODE 2

Episode 3, Stardate 9.11.16: "FAITH AND PHILOSOPHY" 
The fellas rap on faith, philosophy, politics and the pulpit with the pastor of one of the country's largest black churches and president of Simmons College of Kentucky, Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby.

Featured Musical Artists: Kendrick Lamar, Jill Scott, and Kiiara                                        LISTEN TO EPISODE 3

Episode 4, Stardate 9.18.16: "MAWULI AND THE MEMBERS" 
"12" pilots the The Mothership into Atlanta, GA and he and Jones go hard with 'Super Lawyer" Mawuli Mel Davis. It's an ALL "Public Enemy" show as Jones and Davis revisit their days at the U.S. Naval Academy, their journey into manhood together, and the continuing struggles of black people in America.

Featured Musical Artist: Public Enemy                                                                               LISTEN TO EPISODE 4

Episode 5, Stardate 9.25.16: "ARE YOU FREE? PART 1"  
The Mothership orbits as Jones and "12" go it alone in the first part of their two-part show examining the construction of marginalization in America. It's a can't miss, straight up hour-long knowledge drop!

Featured Musical Artists: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Curtis Mayfield, and Marvin Gaye 
                                                                                                                                            LISTEN TO EPISODE 5

Episode 6, Stardate 10.2.16: "ARE YOU FREE? PART 2"  
Martin Luther King said, "At some point silence becomes betrayal." The two-part 2-man ride concludes as Jones and "12" explore the changing faces of oppression and resistance from the Dred Scott decision to Serena Williams.

Featured Musical Artists: T.I., Outkast, and The Stop the Violence Movement                  LISTEN TO EPISODE 6

Episode 7, Stardate 10.9.16: "JOHN YARMUTH"  
The fellas catch up with news from the week including lamentations over the Louisville Card's loss to Clemson. Then they roll the Mothership to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and pick up Congressman John Yarmuth as they begin a full month of shows dedicated to Election 2016 and American politics. What's wrong with the Republicans AND the Democrats? How can Mike Pence lie over and over again and win a vice-presidential debate? Can the crew of The Mothership find any sanity in this madness?

Featured Musical Artists: Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, and Bill Withers                           LISTEN TO EPISODE 7

Episode 8, Stardate 10.16.16: "BIRTH OF A NATION"  
Dr. Leslie Alexander Austin from The Ohio State University and Dr. Akinyele Umoja from Georgia State University board the Mothership to discuss Nate Parker's controversial movie The Birth of A Nation. 

Featured Musical Artists: The Black Keys ft. RZA, Bob Marley, and Third World                LISTEN TO EPISODE 8

Episode 9, Stardate 10.23.16: "THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE RATCHED" 
The fellas have a long overdue tribute to Shawty Lo and are joined by controversial Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Phillip Bailey. They discuss everything from strip joints to Black Republicans and Black Lives Matter. 

Featured Musical Artists: Shawty Lo, T.I., and Bone Crusher                                               LISTEN TO EPISODE 9

Episode 10, Stardate 11.6.16:  "IF I WAS PRESIDENT (AND OTHER THINGS)"
The final show before Election 2016. Locally, the failure of the West End Wal-Mart project is discussed. Statewide, the guys interview Lexington Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gray. National election predictions are made.

Featured Musical Artists: X-Clan, The Isley Brothers, and Wyclef                                    LISTEN TO EPISODE 10 

Episode 11, Stardate 11.13.16: "THE AFTERMATH OF ELECTION 2016"
The country goes "bat-shit crazy" and elects Donald Trump. The guys reflect on Election 2016 with University of Texas-Austin Professor Dr. Peniel Joseph.                                                                                 

Featured Musical Artists: Tom Waits and Bill Withers                                                        LISTEN TO EPISODE 11

Episode 12, Stardate 11.20.16: "FOUR BROTHERS ON THE MOTHERSHIP"
The Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi take over the Mothership! Circuit Court Judge Brian Edwards and former Lexington, KY Fire Chief and Army Lt. Colonel Keith Jackson join Jones and 12 for the Thanksgiving Special. They discuss everything from the College Bowl Championship Series to LeBron James' war with Phil Jackson to professional difficulties for black men. It's a can't miss episode with the Nupes!

Featured Musical Artists: Ice Cube, LJ Rap, and Future                                                   LISTEN TO EPISODE 12

Episode 13, Stardate 12.11.16: "TO LOUISVILLE WITH LOVE"
Josh Everett pilots for 12, listens to Christmas music, and Jones' "Love letter to Louisville."

Featured Musical Artists: Otis Redding, James Brown, and Charles Brown                    LISTEN TO EPISODE 13

Episode 14, Stardate 2.5.17: "THE RETURN OF THE MOTHERSHIP"
Jones and 12 return to the Mothership for the first time in 2017. They catch up with everything from politics to society. Jones displays unprecedented (and, in retrospect, ill-fated) happiness as the Atlanta Falcons prepare for Super Bowl 51. It's a short-lived, but vibrant celebration!

Featured Musical Artists: Freestyle, Debbie Deb, and the Atlanta Falcons' Theme         LISTEN TO EPISODE 14

Jones and 12 seek sports addiction therapy in the aftermath of the Falcons' loss in Super Bowl 51 from social psychologist Dr. Michael Cunningham. They also ask if Gov. Matt Bevin wants to destroy the city of Louisville. The show And in a strange twist, 12 turns evil!!!!

Featured Musical Artists: The Scorpions and the Thompson Twins                                  LISTEN TO EPISODE 15

Episode 16, Stardate 2.19.17: "THE WEST END"
An earnest conversation with 12 and Dymon Rondo on the problems and possibilities for Louisville's predominantly black West End.                                                                           Sorry, but this episode is currently unavailable

Episode 17, Stardate 2.26.17: "THE RETURN OF PHILLIP BAILEY"
The Louisville Courier-Journal's Outlaw reporter Phillip Bailey returns to the Mothership and covers everything from state government to debates on whether or not Jeanie Buss is now dating Charles Oakley. This is a can't miss ride!                                                                                                                      

Featured Musical Artists:  Too Short, Anderson Paak, Kool Moe Dee                               LISTEN TO EPISODE 17

Episode 18, Stardate 3.4.17: "IS WHITE PRIVILEGE REAL?"
Philosopher Dr. David Owen joins the fellas to explore the nuances of white privilege and supremacy.

Featured Musical Artist:    R. Kelly                                                                                     LISTEN TO EPISODE 18

Episode 19, Stardate 3.19.17: "12'S SOLO FLIGHT"
12 rolls without Jones and raps on health, wealth, and relationships

Featured Musical Artists: Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Troop and Levert ft.Queen Latifah, and Musiq
                                                                                                                                          LISTEN TO EPISODE 19

Episode 20, Stardate 3.26.17: "DEAN WALKER"
The guys are joined by Dean Walker, the father of murdered college student Savannah Walker, to discuss her murder and the breaking of America's moral compass.

Featured Musical Artists: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Marvin Gaye, and Labi Siffre
                                                                                                                                         LISTEN TO EPISODE 20

Episode 21, Stardate 4.2.17: "IS HIP-HOP KILLING US?"
Phillip Bailey makes his monthly visit and almost gets thrown of the ship as the guys get into one of the most controversial debates yet.

Featured Musical Artists: The Gap Band, Bootsy Collins, and Parliament                    LISTEN TO EPISODE 21

Former Lexington Fire Chief, Army veteran, and member of Kappa Alpha Psi returns to discuss the Netflix original movie "Burning Sands" and the future of Black Greek-Letter Organizations. Stay tuned for the first "12 and Ricky After Dark" segment ONLY on podcast.

Featured Musical Artists: The Isley Brothers, The Spinners, and Rick James                LISTEN TO EPISODE 22 

Episode 23, Stardate 4.16.17:  "WHAT WOULD THE 4/20s DO?"
The guys deal with another death that hits too close to home and pay tribute to "4/20 Club" musical legends. They 'burn" on multiple topics ranging from continued police violence nationwide, Orange 45 going Gap Band and dropping bombs all over the world, and the deaths of Dan Rooney and Charlie Murphy. 12 calls for Rick PitIno's head.

Featured Musical Artists:  Peter Tosh, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley                             LISTEN TO EPISODE 23